Jennifer Bessert

Counselor Intern


Jennifer has been a consistent voice for the cause of expanding access to mental health care, not just for military personnel and their families but for all those in need. Her dedication is evident as she compares the difficulties experienced by military families to those of the first responder community.

Jennifer’s clients report that she is a shining example of compassion and a patient listener who helps them feel safe and cared for. Her hard work is a piece of a larger mission to assist people in overcoming obstacles and fulfilling their dreams. Her clients see her as a caring expert who cares about them and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed.

Growing up with a father who was a police officer and a family who served as an emergency placement for children in foster care has given Jennifer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by children living in unstable situations. As a military educator, she is in a unique position to honor cultural diversity while providing specialized support to families going through separations, transitions, and emotional/behavioral difficulties.

Jennifer has worked in a wide variety of fields over the past two decades, and her extensive education and background help explain why. She has a BA in Social Science and a minor in Child Development. Her extensive background includes working as a teacher in a variety of settings, including military Youth Centers, private schools, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s day program.

The rest of Jennifer’s life is just as exciting as her career. She cherishes family time, finds solace in reading, expresses herself through art, and believes that music has the extraordinary power to touch the soul. Her strong faith and loving family are the pillars that keep her grounded and motivated to improve the lives of those
around her.

“Where I am today is the result of who I was, where I go depends entirely on who I decide to be. It all starts today!” (Author unknown, 2023)

Jennifer Bessert

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