Mrs. Merri Copeland-Cook


Merri is an experienced therapist who has a passion for seeing individuals establish and restore a confident healthy lifestyle.  She enjoys helping people live their lives to the fullest.  She is trained in evidence-based approaches used to treat many conditions, where behavioral skills are adapted to personal life challenges, changing both problematic thinking and behavioral patterns.  Her therapeutic style is eclectic, drawing from clinical training, graduate work, and experience.  She is always involving herself in research, trainings, and ongoing workshops.  Merri tends to “geek-out” on resources and always looking for new ways to help her clients. 

I view my work with clients as being very collaborative.  I believe client’s bring a lot to the table already, and I want to walk with them through this process.  My clients appreciate that I offer a ton of support and make them feel safe in therapy, yet don’t shy away from giving direct feedback and ideas, or challenging a thought or belief that might be getting in the way of progress. I like to hear about their challenges, past and present, believing that they hold many keys to their own breakthroughs.


Service Snapshot

Merri specializes in working with:  

Stress, Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Adults, Late Adolescents, Couples Therapy, Personality Disorders, Risk Assessment, Codependency, Grief, Life Transitions,  Self Esteem, Self-Harming, Stress Management 



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