Rebecca Deason

Licensed Professional Counselor


Meet Becca! She is one of our more seasoned clinicians as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for her clients. Becca’s lively personality exudes an inviting vibe that clients are sure to love.  Becca has extensive expertise in the areas of trauma, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, substance abuse, and bariatric evaluations.  Becca is dedicated to her work as a neurodiversity-affirming therapist and loves nothing more than seeing her clients succeed.

Becca provides personalized support and tools to navigate emotional and mental changes, taking an integrated approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each mental health journey. Beyond her work in therapy, her commitment to the field is seen in her advocacy for LGBTQ+ youth and women’s rights as well as her work with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Becca holds a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling from Central Methodist University. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice based on her seven years of experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. As if that weren’t impressive enough, she’s currently working towards her Doctorate of Human Services at Walden University.

When Becca takes a break from being an awesome therapist, she can be found singing to Taylor Swift, having game nights, crying while watching Disney movies, and making memories with her family. Let’s not forget her love for musicals (especially Mamma Mia!),. She regularly jokes that she likes to use “hip-lingo” ironically until it becomes part of her natural vocabulary. 

 “I believe we should all strive to be the person we needed when we were at our lowest and genuinely live my life by this motto. I accept my clients for who they are and support them in becoming the people they want to be. We are all capable of doing anything we set our minds to; sometimes, we just need someone who believes in us while we are still learning to believe in ourselves.”

Rebecca Deason

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