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Here at McIntyre Psychological Services, we believe that healing does not have to be in a place where you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Because of this, our psychologist, counselor, and staff made sure to provide online counseling at the comfort of your home.

We are a thriving professional clinic that offers Online and Telehealth Therapy, Evidence-Based Therapy (EBT), Clinical Supervision, Emotional Support Animal Assessment, Group Therapy, and more. When it comes to Teletherapy and Psychological Services, you can receive genuine expertise and compassion by trusting our experts.

Leave it to the team at McIntyre Psychological Services to be the ones to help you start to heal. Our experienced team also caters to individuals or groups that need mental health services in St. Louis, MO.

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We are a thriving private practice clinic specializing in various areas of mental health designed to help individuals overcome thier biggest challenges. We conduct in-person & telehealth therapy sessions using HIPAA compliant video and telephone platforms. 


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Is online therapy effective?

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.” – Carl Rogers

In this day and age, there are many advancements in technology we can take advantage of to improve our way of living. Fortunately, this also applies to the way we receive quality care. Online therapy is a service we provide that allows clients to work with a professional without the stress, fear, or anxiety they may feel when they have to visit a clinic in person.

Although it is different from the usual way of getting therapy, we can absolutely say that online therapy services are just as effective and, in some circumstances, can even impact people in a more positive manner. This highly applies to clients who are hesitant to undergo sessions, or are not yet ready to do so. According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, the results of online therapy and counseling have been demonstrated to be similar to the effects achieved after ‘face-to-face treatment.’ (1)

With our team’s unique approach, it will always be our goal to provide our clients with the mental health service they will benefit from. Since online therapy is more convenient for a number of people, it is one of the services that we put a lot of time and effort into.

How does online counseling work?

Our online counseling services prioritize the comfort and preferences of our clients. Sessions can be done either by phone or video sessions, which makes use of a HIPAA-compliant platform called Zoom. This means that Zoom adheres to the provisions that allow the communication platform to be used in healthcare, especially Telehealth.

“Once you start making the effort to ‘wake yourself up’ – that is, be more mindful in your activities – you suddenly start appreciating life a lot more.” -Robert Biswas-Diener

No matter where you are, you do not have to worry about having no time to get changed or for transportation time. Just plug in your device of choice and we can start your counseling session according to your schedule.

If you find that you’ll benefit most from a combination of phone calls and video consultations, that’s not a problem. We will be happy to cater to your needs and will be accommodating so that you can try them out until you choose a platform that works best for You. Just remember: we are here to listen to you. It does not matter what option you choose – whether by telephone or video counseling, we always want you to receive the top-notch counseling services you signed up for.

What type of mental health professional is right for me?

Mental health services covers a broad spectrum. Each type of service is thoroughly studied and conducted by a particular health professional that specializes in that particular area.

A professional that does their work related to a variety of concerns and conditions can be called a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, social worker, or another term. If you are not sure which of them can help you, here is a brief overview of their specialization and training:


A psychotherapist is often the general term that we use to call a professional who works in the mental health industry, such as a psychologist or a therapist. Psychotherapists conduct psychotherapy – a form of talk therapy when dealing with client conditions and concerns.


A psychiatrist is a professional with the skills and training required to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. As physicians, psychiatrists focus on recognizing mental and emotional illnesses to prevent them from progressing and getting into the way of the client’s quality of life. Usually, these professionals are able to prescribe medication and can also do psychotherapy.


A psychologist is a professional that is specifically trained in dealing with psychology to help clients understand and regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Many psychologists focus on a certain condition or illness for them to give their clients the help they need. Unlike a psychiatrist, a psychologist can only prescribe medicine if they are licensed or allowed to in their state.

Psychologists often go into conditions or illnesses that can have a long-term effect on individuals. For example, they can offer outpatient therapy to people who are suffering from their anger issues, eating disorders, traumas, depression, or suicidal thoughts.


A licensed professional counselor is a mental health professional that can provide clients with diagnoses. They can also do counseling sessions according to their specialization, however, they are not allowed to prescribe medication. Because of this, counselors usually partner up with a psychologist for assistance when it comes to developing treatment plans.

Often, counselors may work best for short-term problems that can be resolved after a couple of sessions. An example of this is marriage counseling between a couple who is in a state of conflict.

Clinical Social Worker

A clinical social worker is an expert who can help diagnose and implement counseling sessions usually in a hospital setting. Those with a clinical license can do assessments and may refer clients to other professionals for further assistance. Compared to a psychiatrist, a social worker can also offer counseling to individuals, however, they cannot prescribe medication.

Other Therapists

Aside from psychotherapists, some professionals can offer specialized programs according to their expertise. This can be a method of including psychotherapy with art therapy, music, dance, or more.

In a study conducted by The Arts in Psychotherapy, art therapy is said to improve mood and “reduce pain and anxiety.” (2) With this report and several others, other unconventional forms of mental health treatment are now practiced by specialized therapists.

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