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McIntyre Psychological Services provides telehealth services for individuals and groups in Columbia, Missouri. Our mental health therapists are experts in many areas such as Emotional Behavior Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Emotional Support Animal, and Group Therapy. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a mental health issue, allow our team to assist you or your loved ones. With the help of telehealth counseling, it is now possible to have your sessions with counselors online using our virtual therapy program.

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We are a thriving private practice clinic specializing in various areas of mental health designed to help individuals overcome thier biggest challenges. We conduct in-person & telehealth therapy sessions using HIPAA compliant video and telephone platforms. 


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Who we are

We are McIntyre Psychological Services, a group of licensed and trained professionals that provides counseling services in Columbia Missouri as well as throughout the entire state. As a leader in teletherapy and psychological services, we believe that you will find true healing and top notch, genuine, services from our clinicians and staff.

For now, our programs, including our telepsychology services, mainly cater to adult therapy, assessment, and treatment.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced therapists

McIntyre Psychological Services is a leading provider of mental health services in Columbia, Missouri. Our team of expert psychologists is dedicated to providing high-quality care and support to individuals struggling with various mental health issues. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field, our team is well-equipped to provide effective treatment and therapy to help our clients achieve optimal mental wellness. Our team of experts specializes in a wide range of areas, utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional and empathetic care.

McIntyre Psychological Services is dedicated to offering comprehensive and easily accessible care to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that everyone receives the support they need. Our organization embraces individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their geographical location, ethnicity, gender identity, or faith.

Our telehealth services provide convenient and accessible therapy options through our secure and user-friendly virtual therapy program. With online counseling sessions, we bring therapy directly to you. Begin your journey towards better mental health by reaching out to our team today.

Get in touch with McIntyre Psychological Services to access top-notch mental health expertise from our team. Our telehealth services are designed to help you or your loved ones achieve better mental well-being. Contact us today for assistance on your journey toward improved mental health.

What we do

“Healing is an intensely personal, subjective experience involving a reconciliation of the meaning an individual ascribe to distressing events with his or her perception of wholeness as a person” (From Egnew, T.R. “The Meaning of Healing: Transcending Suffering”)

Life is not simple, at times the road can be bumpy and have obstacles in our way.  For many of us, that path is rockier, trickier, and more difficult to walk into. Some phases in our lives require patience, compassion, and resiliency. When going through it alone gets too overwhelming, we are always here to help you talk through life’s difficult and challenging moments.

McIntyre Psychological Services provide therapy and treatment for many challenges and issues. Some of our specializations include the following:

      • Stress
      • Stage of life concerns and issues
      • Anxious thoughts and behavior
      • Depression
      • Phobias
      • Eating, food, and body image issues
      • Abuse and Violence
      • Trauma
      • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
      • Bipolar Disorder
      • Antisocial Personality
      • Borderline Personality
      • Anger Management
      • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
      • Dissociative Disorders
      • Substance Abuse
      • Personality Disorders
      • Psychosis
      • And more

According to the American Psychological Association or APA, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains a privacy rule that creates national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and personal health information, including information about psychotherapy and mental health. (1)

What are the benefits of online counseling and psychotherapy?

Online counseling and psychotherapy are some of the advantages we can freely access in our modern age. Although in-person treatments are still being conducted, telehealth therapy is a stress-free, secure, convenient and effective method option has been able to help numerous individuals have their therapy sessions by just using their personal devices.

Counseling anywhere and anytime

One of the many reasons why telehealth has been increasing in popularity is because of its convenience. After all, it can be tiring to set aside ample time to prepare for a therapy session and commute when you can book an appointment for virtual help wherever you are. Although your sessions will still depend on your therapist’s availability, it is still helpful to have the option to schedule at your best time.

Therapy at the place where you are most comfortable in

For a number of individuals, it can be challenging and difficult to relay their emotions when they are not at ease in their environment. Many clients often find themselves being able to talk more when they are in a place that is familiar to them. With virtual therapy, you can do it in a spot in your home where you are cozy and where you feel safe. It can also be a coffee shop or a park, as long as it feels right for you.


If you already have a therapist, it does not really mean that you have to change to a new one to lessen the burden. As the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states, “Don’t shy away from speaking with your therapist about all possible options, referrals and additional resources that you could benefit from.” (4)

Does it feel the same as an in-person session?

In a study conducted in 2013 by clinical researchers at the University of Zurich, it indicates that “telemental health is equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings and an acceptable alternative.” (5)

Online counseling can be both similar and different from an in-person session. Depending on the preference of the client, they may want to undergo treatment in the clinic, while some may want to do it in the comfort of their own place.

Telehealth counseling may not work for some people who feel iffy with technology. However, counselors have seen the advantages it can give to some clients who find it difficult to get out of bed or is not in the condition to go out of their way for therapy. Since it is possible to have the session no matter where you are, it may seem weird at first, but rest assured that virtual sessions are still highly effective.

Does it have to be a video call?

For people who have insurance, they may have to use video calls for the treatment to be covered in their policy. However, self-paying individuals may have more options, such as a telephone call.

We help people see changes in their lives

The journey to finding comfort and peace within oneself may be easier with the assistance of a professional. Nobody has to get through dark times and crises alone.

Want to know more about our programs and our telehealth sessions? You can always reach therapists in Columbia, MO by sending us a message. Let us assist you in getting yourself back.

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