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Putting yourself and your mental health first has never been so accessible. Take advantage of our online and telehealth services and get in touch with our licensed professionals. We will be there to help you achieve your mental health goals.

With our understanding, compassionate, and efficient team, we are able to serve Virginia Beach, VA to offer online and telehealth therapy for individual and group sessions. We offer different treatment approaches to help our clients with their specific needs. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, you can always trust McIntyre Psychological Services to be with you in your personal journey to improvement, self-realization, and healing. 

“If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.” -Abraham Maslow

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We are a thriving private practice clinic specializing in various areas of mental health designed to help individuals overcome thier biggest challenges. We conduct in-person & telehealth therapy sessions using HIPAA compliant video and telephone platforms. 


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Can psychiatry counseling help me?

At McIntyre Psychological Services, we value your privacy and recognize your needs. In fact, our clinicians and staff have made it their mission to give clients quality care more accessible now than it has been for many years.

It is not a secret – actively seeking to improve your mental health is an added expense. You have to think about whether your therapist will accept your insurance and if you can afford the treatment. Hence, it is normal to wonder if psychiatry counseling will be worth your time and resources. If you are asking us, we will certainly say that seeking professional help will be your best decision for your loved ones and most importantly, yourself. As mentioned in an article published by Harvard Medical School, starting with psychotherapy is often highly effective for people with mild depression. (1)

How counseling can help you 

The stunning views in Virginia can be beautiful but may certainly not be enough to take your stress and anxiety away. Nothing beats the help and guidance of experts, especially when you are determined to keep your life in order.

Psychiatry counseling will allow you to:

    1. Recognize your strengths and identify aspects where you might struggle

Having regular sessions with a professional counselor will certainly help you know more about yourself as a person.

Our psychotherapists have the training and expertise necessary to assist you in the road to recognize the aspects of your life that you are doing well in and also the areas where you are having a difficult time with. As the famous Aristotle once said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

    1. Change unwanted and self-defeating habits and behaviors

Recognizing that there is something you are doing wrong can be the path for you to change your habits and behaviors. Most often, we may fail to see that we are sabotaging ourselves from succeeding and building good relationships.

We are not saying that the road to improvement is easy, but when you have a psychologist you can trust, the way may be less difficult for you to take.

    1. Relieve yourself from thoughts of depression and other mental health conditions

There are a lot of causes and triggers that may be the root, or can influence, your psychological condition. Counseling can help you determine where these thoughts are coming from for you to protect yourself and preserve your mental health.

Our practice offers a variety of programs and resources that will surely suit your current needs.

    1. Improve your relationship with yourself and other people

Dissatisfaction, feelings of worthlessness, and extreme independence may be in the way of you from building and keeping a good rapport with yourself and other people. Regular psychotherapy proves to assist many individuals. According to Dr. Malkah Notman, a professor at Harvard Medical School, getting a consultation with someone who has mental training can be very useful for those who are having trouble with their work or relationships. (2)

    1. Regulate yourself and come up with ways for managing stress

It is impossible to stay away from stress, but it is possible to practice being better suited for facing stress. Depending on what you need, our clinicians will choose a specific treatment approach to help you enjoy your everyday living without succumbing to stressful situations.

    1. Control compulsive behavior, violence, and self-harming tendencies

Depression, anxiety, death in the family, and abuse are some of the many reasons that result in the compulsive and violent behavior of many individuals. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to resolve the issues without someone they can trust to relay their experiences. Having a therapist who is willing to listen to you or wait until you are ready to talk is crucial for changing and removing unwanted behaviors.

    1. Improve your relationship with food, drugs, or substances

Due to several reasons, some of us may have an unhealthy relationship with drugs and food. This often results in conditions such as anorexia, other eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and addiction. Healing from these thoughts and practice can take a long time, but it does not mean that it is not achievable. If you are one of the people who find themselves in this situation, consulting a psychologist can be your first step towards making your life your own again.

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Therapists in Virginia Beach, VA

McIntyre Psychological Services offers excellent therapists and psychiatrists in Virginia Beach. By providing innovative and comprehensive mental health services, our staff is here to provide counseling without having you worry about your privacy. 

We assure you that we will always keep your medical reports confidential and safe. You deserve to come in contact with a licensed professional that will work closely with you in your journey. Allow our diverse team to give you the assistance you really need.

Are you currently not in a headspace or situation that allows you to do in-person counseling? With the help of the HIPAA-compliant communication platform Zoom (3), our psychologists are now able to offer telehealth sessions. This means that you can have access to our online counseling services wherever you are, even if you are just at home or at your office. With our resources, clients can do therapy at the place where they are most comfortable.

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Our COVID-19 office policies include

First, the use of masks in public areas and the practice of social distancing inside the clinic.

Second, for clients who are COVID-19 positive, mandatory 14-day quarantine is necessary. In the meantime, they can make use of our telehealth services instead of face-to-face sessions.

Let’s talk about what you need

Rest assured that you are in good hands with our staff. Get started by scheduling an appointment so that we can understand your questions and concerns.  As long as we are here, it is always our goal to provide our clients with quality care.


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