Melissa Weber, B.A.

Counselor Intern


Melissa is nothing short of a rockstar therapist and advocate for her clients. Melissa has a passionate dedication to campaigning for and helping survivors of domestic violence and abuse. She thrives on helping others in their journey of self-discovery and freedom from abuse. Melissa plays a vital role in positively impacting the lives of many individuals through her expertise in coordinating support, providing educational advocacy, facilitating crisis intervention, safety planning, resource education, and community liaisons.

Melissa has a calming presence that is a fundamental natural gift. Melissa’s clients frequently describe her as a trusted confidant and ally, rather than merely a therapist. Her assistance extends beyond the treatment session, as she actively engages with clients to develop goals, plan, and strive toward good life improvements. Melissa’s faith in her clients’ inherent strength, combined with her real compassion, results in a therapeutic partnership that is not only productive but also extremely fulfilling. Her clients frequently leave her sessions with a revitalized feeling of optimism, resilience, and the tools to
face life’s obstacles.

Melissa’s dedication to empowering individuals is evident in her current pursuit of a graduate degree in Clinical Counseling at Central Methodist University. Her academic journey is built upon her previous accomplishments, which consist of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Management from an Associate of Arts degree. In her free time, she enjoys decorating, gardening, being surrounded by plants, and making the space around her beautiful.

“My personal affirmation is “my presence is my purpose” and I have learned that I thrive when I am present with others. Success is embracing gifts and being present for others as they navigate life.”
– Melissa

“Be the reason someone feels welcome, seen, heard, valued, loved, and supported.” -author unknown

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